Pixie Pigments Review!


Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing a brand I found on Instagram: Pixie Pigments! Pixie Pigments is a brand based in Smyrna Tennessee and they claim that their make up is natural and great for those of us who have sensitive skin!

Unlike other make-up companies, we make our make-up. We buy the ingredients and mix everything together. We have less ingredients in our make-up then the Bare minerals.

Great for Sensitive skin, and long wearing. No animal testing! We love our animals. ”

(From Pixie Pigment’s Official Facebook Page)

While browsing my favourite App, I came across a post from Pixie and I immediately fell in love with their pigments! I started chatting with one of the owners and she agreed to send me samples for me to try, and let me tell you… THEY ARE AMAZING! I like my eyeshadows to be buttery and easy to apply, and these ones are just that; they have great pigmentation and blending is effortless, which creates an even and consistent look throughout the whole eye.


Before I start talking about the shadows themselves, I have to mention just how much detail it was put into my package; I got business cards, a hand-written Thank You note, a goodie bag full of pigment samples and a little kite! I just love how caring these girls were when packaging my products, not only did they make me love the brand even more, I believe it created a customer loyalty because I now know that they appreciate every single one of their customers!


In my goodie bag I got ten pigments: Bitten, Hendrix, Rajah, Grandmother Willow, Big Macintosh (body shimmer), Marilyn, Betty, Glass Slipper, Peachy and Tales As Old As Time! Out of all of them, my current favourites are: Grandmother Willow, Rajah (especially) and Tale As Old As Time!


When I got my package in the mail I got so excited to create a makeup look and this summery-fresh “concoction” is what I came up with! On my lids I’m wearing – Betty, Grandmother Willow, Tale As Old as Time, Hendrix and Bitten. I started by applying Grandmother Willow all over my lids to create that peachy-golden look, then on my outer corner I applied Tale As Old As Time for an intense golden-yellow pop of colour. As for my crease, I blended Hendrix and Bitten together to create a more cool-toned brown to naturalize the warmth that came from the gold/yellow colours in the lid. For my bottom lashes I used a mixture of Glass Slipper and Rajah; Glass Slipper was applied in the first inner third of my lower lash line and Rajah stole the show when applied to the rest of the bottom lash line! I smoked them a little bit to create a more “natural” and blended look. After I was satisfied with my eye look I followed up with Betty to highlight my brow bone and inner corner!



I’m giving these eyeshadows a rating of 5/5 due to their sheer awesomeness! As pigments go, these have a minimal amount of fall out and they are extremely easy to work with. I cannot wait to try more of their Disney line, and for some weird reason, their James Dean pigment is calling my name!

You can get all of these amazing shadows by contacting Pixie Pigments and visiting their website; they are very inexpensive (just at $2!) and are great quality!

You can reach Pixie Pigments on the following links:




Email: pixiepigments@gmail.com

Lots of love,jijijijijijijijijijiji

Disclaimer: These shadows were sent to me by Pixie Pigments. My opinions are my own and I’m not being paid to write this review.


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