As my favorite season approaches, so does my need to re-do my closet! This obsession with re-vamping my wardrobe usually starts around back-to-school time, because that’s the time when all the fall stuff starts coming into stores. It really doesn’t matter what trends are going around at the moment, because there are 10 staple pieces that I always need in my wardrobe!

Check down below for the pieces you might want to get this fall!

Trench/ Duster coat – It is no surprise that rain is a part of fall, but don’t let this little element crimp your style! A classic Trench Coat (Or now the trendy Duster Coat) is the perfect piece to help you transition from the shiny summer weather to the crisp fall trench-coat-1one. I think that the most “timeless” outfit someone can wear is a gorgeous crème Trench Coat with a cream sweater, a great pair of blue jeans and some brown riding boots! It’s a no brainer outfit that looks good on everyone; so if your closet is missing this classic piece, I definitely recommend that you pick one up. Trench Coats range in price like Apple stocks, you can find a Forever 21 cheap and cheerful Trench or go with a more expensive coat from Burberry – it all depends on your budget and the desired life of your Trench Coat!

Fedora and a Beanie – Your ears are a precious part of your body that should be protected, but most importantly for us fashionistas is the look a great fedora or beanie can help us achieve! A black fedora with a dark poncho and some black boots is all you need to look and feel glamorous on a cold day – without having to really think about it! Fedoras and Sunglasses have thepdt_fedora2345_38_1 magical gift of making someone look put together without much effort, which is great when you just rolled out of bed and aren’t feeling creative!

Booties – Probably the greatest invention since sliced bread! Yes I love boots; they are warm, fuzzy and cute… BUT BOOTIES?! They are just fantastic – They make your legs look longer, your butt perkier and your soul whole; what more could you ask from a shoe?!

Cashmere Scarf – There are a lot of pieces in your closet you can cheap out on, but a nice cashmere piece is something you can’t! A gorgeous scarf is not only a heat source, it’s also a fashion statement! Cashmere pieces are timeless and look great year after year!

Big Black Bag – Do I really need to expand on this…? Okay… Big bags in general are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G; they hold all of your stuff502709209_product_1, they make your butt look smaller and you can always use them as a protective shields – Win Win situation! They’re also a statement piece that can turn any outfit from frumpy to fabulous!

Dark Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans are a girl’s best friend, they can be worn casually or not; a good pair of skinny jeans can be worn every season, but for fall I really prefer a darker wash because it flatters most fall and winter outfits. Make sure that these dark wash friends are the right fit and style, otherwise your outfit will not look as put together as you wish it did!

Plain tees– Plain t-shirts are the best kind of layering pieces that you can find. You can get a pack of black and white V-necks tees at Walmart or Target for $5 bucks and wear them with a chunky cardigan, blazer or leather jacket and be fashionable for a reasonable price! These are also great if you feel like wearing them with a more casual outfit, like sweats and a hoodie.

Fur Vest-  Fuuuuuuuuuur! And by fuuuuuuuuur I mean faux faur ‘cause I ain’t wearing one of Bambi’s friends. But I am not opposed to fake fur! There is a vest at H&M that I have been eyeing lately and I have a feeling I’m getting. Think about a long sleeved black t-shirt with a black fedora, dark skinnies, a tan fur vest and big sunnies? Such a chic outfit!!! So definitely try getting one this upcoming fall season!Facebook-20150914-124002

Leather Jacket – Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo! Leather jackets are life and if you don’t own one there is something suspiciously wrong with you. My favourite style is a black moto jacket, preferably with silver hardware; leather jackets have the magical power of making you feel like a total badass even when you’re a complete wuss! So let’s celebrate this amazing piece of clothing.

Flannel Shirt- Finally but not least, one of my favourite closet staples! I just love a good, soft flannel shirt that I can wrap around my waist or wear as a cardigan. Actually, a few weeks ago I turned one of my old flannel shirts in to a vest! Not only did I loved how my DYI turned out but I got to recycle one of my favourite pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this shopping guide!

Lots of Love,jijijijijijijijijijiji



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