Black and White


DSC_0182DSC_0236  DSC_0199DSC_0230

Hello everyone! What a crazy week it has been; it feels really good to finally sit down and relax a little bit and only worry about blogging! This week was filled with work, assignments and events, leaving me feeling like I left a whirlpool.  Last Saturday I hurt my back immensely, leaving me without being able to wear heels; that’s when my amazing Nike sneakers come to play because they made walking all over the streets of Toronto a breeze! I also had the pleasure of meeting The Weeknd, this past Wednesday; I got an hello, a wave and a smile, so I’m pretty content! This outfit was also shot on Wednesday in a gorgeous park where you can see the city outline. Now I’m looking forward to a new week with more exciting adventures and cool outfits.

Jacket: Forever 21 | Jeans: GAP | Scarf: Garage | Hat: H&M | Shirt: Zara | Shoes: Nike

Lots of love,



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