Younique Mascara Review.

Hello everyone!

A few months ago I got sent the Younique Moonstruck Mascara to try out and review – I have been trying it for a few months now and here’s my honest opinion.


To start the review, I want to mention the packaging – It’s black and very sleek looking, giving it a “high-end” look. The product comes inside a quilted case, almost like a sunglasses case, with two slots for the tubes. The presentation of it is amazing, however I was disappointed with its performance. DSC_0067

Whenever I’m getting ready I like to keep my routine simple; having to take my time by using an “adhesive” product and then fibers and then more “adhesive” is not my idea of fast – not to mention that you might have to do that a couple of times to get your desired look. The fibers aren’t also the best; more often than not I would have little fibers all over my under-eye area that were extremely hard to remove – ruining whatever concealer/highlighter combo I had going on. After using it for a 2 months (before it’s expiration date)  I started to notice that every time I used it I would get little rashes alone my lash line, enabling me from using makeup for a couple days.


The mascara is also extremely hard to remove, even with makeup remover – although it seems to be affected by olive and coconut oil. Although I was not ecstatic with this product, I still think it deserves some merit points for packaging and the overall “look”.

Mascara is a very tricky product to review because everyone reacts differently to it – a lot of people love this product while I got rashes and fallout. Perhaps I got a bad batch, or maybe the product wasn’t for me, but I would recommend you trying it for yourself, especially now that a new formula was released.

Overall I give this mascara a rate of 2/5!


Lots of Love, Untitled-1



2 thoughts on “Younique Mascara Review.

  1. Just an FYI – I’m not a rep for this company or anything, but when you did your review, they had already come out with updated 3D Fiber Mascara…I’m not sure if it works any better, but I opened mine and it was fairly dried out because I think this stuff has been sitting around for a while. Thanks for the reviews 🙂


    1. Hello! I did mention that they had come out with a new version, and who knows, maybe it is a lot better. I, however, was not impressed with the one sent to me. 😦 (As you seem to be as well!!)

      Thank you so much for your comment, love! Have a fantastic weekend 😘 xx


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