My M.A.C Lipstick Collection!

Hello everyone!

One of my favorite makeup brands is M.A.C Cosmetics, and there’s nothing more I love from their collection of products than their Lipsticks! Over the years I have been collecting several shades and finishes, leaving me with 12 very beautiful lipsticks.


Lipsticks in order;  Velvet Teddy, Modesty, Brave, Twig, Whirl, Angel, Viva Glam Gaga, Girl About Town, Ruby Woo, Amorous, Heroine and Rebel.


Lately I’ve been obsessed with nudes, hence why half of my collection is pinkish – nudes! The only lipstick in this section that I didn’t get during my 2015 nude obsession was “Angel”, which was my first M.A.C lipstick!

I really believe that M.A.C has one of the best lipstick color selections in the makeup “world”, not to mention the different types of finishes to accompany each color family. My favorite finishes are Satin and Matte, however I can handle Cremesheen and Luster!

DSC_0165Even though I love my nudes, I also have a soft spot for colorful lippies!

I’m usually not a fan of bright pink lipstick, because they don’t really suit me, but the Viva Glam Gaga, was one I could not pass out on! I remember it was the last one in store and I was so excited to get it, however, everyone else who was behind me to get it, was not…


What are your favorite M.A.C lipstick? Any recommendations?


Lots of love,






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