When in Ottawa…

Hello my loves!

This weekend my family and I came to Ottawa to hangout with my older brother who is here on a business trip. I absolutely love hanging out with both my brothers because it is really hard to get us all together in the same room,  AT THE SAME TIME! As you can imagine I am a very happy little sister right now!

This morning we went to an Irish pub for breakfast, where I got myself some Egg’s Benny – which were amazing. Usually when we are on family vacations we go out and try out new places, new drinks and we always love to start new traditions!

We also got to go on a tour of my brother’s office – where I found love. In his company there is a completely white room, with furs, light wood furniture and a wall filled with floor to ceiling windows. Whenever I get my own apartment, this is how I picture my living room to look like.


Also during our tour we got to see the city skyline of Ottawa, which was breathtaking!


I wouldn’t really mind looking at this view everyday, even if it involved work! 😉

My day also involved going to Québec to get some Poutine for lunch – my family just casually went over the bridge to another province to get lunch – totally normal, right?


If you live in Ottawa/Québec, I totally recommend you try Routine Poutine – BEST. POUTINE. EVER! The Chef himself came out and made us poutine, and my plate ended up being one of his favorite combinations. I’ve never ate poutine that tasted like this one; everything was cooked to perfection and the cheese melted right way. The best part was the gravy – it actually tasted homemade and not extremely salty, as the ones in most poutine places usually do.


I couldn’t finish most of my plate – word of caution, a medium is more like an extra large – but it was a revelation, as Samantha Jones would say.

Right now I’m going to another pub to get some well needed cocktails, maybe some beer, and then we are heading back to watch some movies and spend some time as a family.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get updates of my trip! @mademoiselleroque


Lots of love,



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