Pretty in Pink


Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to these beautiful gardens by the lake and decided to shoot some pictures of my outfit. For some weird reason, I’m going to guess the 19 degree weather we were having, I decided to wear an all pink outfit – I add to add some black and leather, but none the less, it was way more colour than I usually do!




As someone who doesn’t really like to wear colour, I though this outfit was out of my comfort zone, which is amazing!


After the Gardens, my friend and I decided to get some coffee and we had to snap some cute pictures there too! Mainly one of me stuffing my face with whipped cream…




I hope you enjoyed this outfit – I know for a fact that the blue moon that took over me and made me wear so much pink is way gone, but it was fun to step out of my neutral box and experience the colourful world for a bit!

Lots of Love,



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