At Home Shellac Manicure w/ Sensationail

I know I’m not the only who likes going into a nail salon to get pampered! Getting my nails done has been one of my favourite activities since I was a little girl; when I was around six years old, there was a point where I’d bite my nails at every chance possible (Now there is no shame to admit I was a tomboy and that nail polish saved my life). I distinctly remember my mom telling me that if I stopped biting my nails, she would take me with her to get them done (she also threatened to take all of my child-friendly nail polish away)

Obviously I complied, and to this day, my nails have been my pride and joy! (okay okay my lips, too) Although I love getting them done, I do not love spending $20-$35 every time they need tender loving care. While I was at work this pass week, my manager told me thadsc_0072t she loves getting her Shellac nails done at home, and boy was she right! She mentioned her love for the Sensationail kit and how I should try it. That same day, my mother and I went to do a little shopping, and what did I find? The kit on sale for $39.99! which is basically the price for one manicure plus tip. (Obviously I bought it straight away) Due to the fact that my manicure chipped prematurely (I absolutely hate when that happens) I decided to do them today.

And here’s how I got my nails to look like this:


Step one: Make sure your nails have zero nail polish and/or grease. Remove nail polish with gentle acetone (watch those cuticles) or remove grease with alcohol.

Step two: Gently buff your natural nail to remove shine. (Shellac adheres better to a rough surface)                                     dsc_0074


(If you get this kit, use the grey side of the buffer)

Step three: Use the nail primer that comes with the kit (This step is optional)

Step four: Apply a THIN coat of the base coat and cure it for 30 seconds (Don’t worry the machine will let you know when it’s done)


Step five: Apply your coloured nail polish (again, thin coat) and cure it for 60 seconds.

Step six: Repeat step five if the nail polish is not opaque enough, but this time cure it for 30 seconds.

Step seven: Apply the top coat and cure it for 30 seconds.

Step eight: This is when you break out the alcohol! The kit doesdsc_0070 come with a cleaner, however I much prefer using the alcohol because it’s stronger. Spray your nails and use a lint free surface like a kitchen paper towel (no cotton balls or swabs) to wipe away the sticky gel/shellac layer on your nails.

Step nine: Smother your hands in lotion or my favourite, coconut oil! The combination of the acetone, alcohol, LED lamp and the polish will dry your hands, therefore you’ll need to moisturize them!

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! This whole process took me less than 30 minutes, during which I enjoyed my morning coffee and TV show. The best part is that I didn’t feel rushed and/or had to endure an awful smell that is typical in nail parlours. Not to mention that it was completely free…

I am going to have to give this nail kit a 5/5! I loved the experience of being able to get my nails done at home, the exact way I like them to be done.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a nail technician; this “tutorial”/review is based on my own experience. Please educate yourselves on the kits you may buy and the products you’ll be using.

Also, I’d highly recommend you buy a LED lamp instead of a UV; there have been reports that UV lamps cause age-spots on your hands.

(Yes, those are my real nails. I do not get acrylics or actual Gel nails)



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