At Home Shellac Manicure w/ Sensationail

I know I’m not the only who likes going into a nail salon to get pampered! Getting my nails done has been one of my favourite activities since I was a little girl; when I was around six years old, there was a point where I’d bite my nails at every chance possible (Now there is no shame to admit I was a tomboy and that nail polish saved my life). I distinctly remember my mom telling me that if I stopped biting my nails, she would take me with her to get them done (she also threatened to take all of my child-friendly nail polish away)

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Hello loves!

Today’s OOTD is all about florals!

Every time I wear something with florals I always picture this scene from The Devil Wears Prada.


Well Miranda, yes! Whenever the weather gets warmer I always pull my florals and brights. (which are my blues and grey!  😉 )

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Pretty in Pink


Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to these beautiful gardens by the lake and decided to shoot some pictures of my outfit. For some weird reason, I’m going to guess the 19 degree weather we were having, I decided to wear an all pink outfit – I add to add some black and leather, but none the less, it was way more colour than I usually do!


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When in Ottawa…

Hello my loves!

This weekend my family and I came to Ottawa to hangout with my older brother who is here on a business trip. I absolutely love hanging out with both my brothers because it is really hard to get us all together in the same room,  AT THE SAME TIME! As you can imagine I am a very happy little sister right now!

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