Jungle Fever

This weather; I cannot believe how warm it is! Today, before my class, I went to get some coffee and lunch with my girl The VB Chic and we decided to take some pictures while we were out.

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Advice Thursday – How to Stay Organized during school!


This is probably one of the hardest things to do during school; not only do you your social and work life to deal with, you now have to split your time even further with assignments, tests and due dates. My biggest suggestion is to get an agenda! I know I keep repeating myself, but I promise you that a planner will solve a lot of headaches. I prefer a vertical layout when picking an agenda because it makes the days seem longer; this year I’m using an agenda that I got at chapters and it’s absolutely perfect! Although the agenda was $35 bucks, I figured it was okay since I love planning, so technically it was an investment… You however can buy a cheaper agenda, you just need a place where you can write your schedule.

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As my favorite season approaches, so does my need to re-do my closet! This obsession with re-vamping my wardrobe usually starts around back-to-school time, because that’s the time when all the fall stuff starts coming into stores. It really doesn’t matter what trends are going around at the moment, because there are 10 staple pieces that I always need in my wardrobe!

Check down below for the pieces you might want to get this fall!

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25 ways to keep your closet organized!

One of the things I love doing to my closet is organizing it; but I find that so many people don’t know where to being! I came up with 25 quick tips that could really help you keep your closet organized and your life mess-free!

  1. Get matching hangers – the felt kind if possible. This gives your closet a clean and neat feel that will make you want to hang your clothes, at the end of the day!images (3)
  2. Fold your sweaters – Hanging your sweaters will only make them stretch out and that is not a pretty look!
  3. Colour coordinate everything- Colour coordinating makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning, not to mention that the overall look is better.
  4. If you have the funds for it, invest in a closet system. You don’t need to go crazy, Walmart and target have amazing closet systems for under $100!!
  5. Keep t-shirts and tank-tops in baskets – Having them all hanging is a waste of space; keeping them in baskets untitled (5)will allow you to just throw them in and not worry about the mess.
  6. If you are running out of space in your closet, invest in a clothing rack – These shouldn’t cost more than $20 and they are amazing for bulkier pieces.
  7. If you have enough space in your room or closet, invest in a bookshelf for all of your accessories and jewelry!
  8. Use old magazines or pool noodles to make your boots stand up – Floppy boots take up to much space and can get ruined from the tension on the material.
  9. Cube or shelf systems are amazing to implement on your closet – They could be used to store anything from sweaters to accessories!
  10. Create some sort of display – Having a display in your closet/room will give you that boutique feel that everyone loves! There is nothing better than walking into your room and feeling like you’re ready to shop.
  11. Pressure rods can do wonders in a closet – Pressure rods can be transformed to anything from a shoe rack to a curtain holder!
  12. If your closet is dark, try investing in some LED strip lights – LED lights can brighten up your space and makes it easier for you to find what you were looking for.
  13. Clean your space once a week – I cannot stress this enough; cleaning your closet is a habit you should have, because if it is messy you are more likely to be depressed about the way it looks and not be excited about getting dressed up.
  14. Keep out of season clothing, out of sight – if you can’t wear it, keep it boxed away somewhere!
  15. Use decoration that serves as storages – it’s practical and keeps your closet neat!
  16. Keep a clothes hamper nearby to remove clutter and messy laundry from the floor!
  17. Invest in some under the bed storage – It will insure that you have enough space for your seasonal clothing.
  18. Get scarf hangers – Getting scarf hangers will save up so much space – Ikea has the best ones for $9.99!
  19. Categorize your closet – Shirts stay with shirts, while skirts stay with skirts!imagesJE2QU33S
  20. When you get home, hang your clothes – It takes 21 days to create a habit, start getting used to this one.
  21. Donate and sell what you don’t wear – You wouldn’t keep a raggedy old boyfriend, so don’t keep clothes than don’t make you happy anymore!
  22. Buy hooks for your belts – put them behind a door or on the sides of your room, but have those belts hung and off a drawer.
  23. SHOE RACK! (Omg… Getting one of these is life changing) – You probably forget how many shoes you have, but a shoe rack will keep them organized and off the floor (where you can now store more shoes *wink wink*)
  24. A bulletin board, or the side of a bookshelf, is the perfect spot to hang necklaces – It keeps the tangles away and serves as room decoration – win-win situation!
  25. Keep leather polish near-by – The fastest way to be organized is to have everything clean. Clean shoes and bags will make you much more interested in organizing your closet; if you accessories look good, why not the rest of your things?

Lots of Love,jijijijijijijijijijiji