Downtown date!

Lunch dates are my favourite; especially when they are with great friends. My friend The VB Chic and I went to a restaurant in downtown Hamilton called “The Ship” and it was absolutely amazing! The food was scrumptious and their beer almost rivaled a Guinness; which in my books it’s saying a lot. After our lunch we went around town to take pictures, not only did I get to experiment different setting on my camera, I also go to discover cool places downtown and hangout with my bestie! These are the surviving pictures of me from today. I hope you lovelies have a fantastic week!


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Looxi Beauty Review!

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you yet another review, only this time I’m combining eyeshadows and highlighters in one post! How cool is that? 😉

I found Looxi Beauty while browsing Instagram and their VOODOO highlighter caught my attention right off the bat; I loved how unique it looked with its green flex and white cast! I have never seen a product like it, so obviously I got into contact with the owner and a few days later here I am; drooling over highlighters and foiled eyeshadows!


On Looxi’s website they give us a description of what they are all about;

Looxi beauty was founded by fellow makeup enthusiast, Jessica D. Her passion for cosmetics is something she wanted to share and have everyone experience.  She had one vision in mind and that vision WAS you!”

I can honestly say that Jessica is a complete sweetheart and that she so caring towards her customers; out of all of the messages that we sent back and forth she showed nothing but professionalism and friendliness!

Now onto the nitty-gritty: the product review!

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Pixie Pigments Review!


Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing a brand I found on Instagram: Pixie Pigments! Pixie Pigments is a brand based in Smyrna Tennessee and they claim that their make up is natural and great for those of us who have sensitive skin!

Unlike other make-up companies, we make our make-up. We buy the ingredients and mix everything together. We have less ingredients in our make-up then the Bare minerals.

Great for Sensitive skin, and long wearing. No animal testing! We love our animals. ”

(From Pixie Pigment’s Official Facebook Page)

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